Climate Investment Funds

Climate Investment Funds

Fund Overall Goal

CIF is one of the world’s largest multilateral funds helping low and middle income countries adapt to and mitigate climate change.

Sectoral Focus

Accelerate climate action by empowering transformations in clean technology, energy access, climate resilience, and sustainable forests. The CIF manages 9 programs: Clean Technology Fund, Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, Scaling Up Renewable Energy Program, Forest Investment Program, CIF Accelerating Coal Transition Investment, CIF Industry Decarbonization, CIF Nature Solutions, CIF Renewable Energy Integration, and CIF Smart Cities.

Access criteria

CIF funds projects through engaging governments, the private sector, civil society organizations, and implements projects exclusively with six MDBs (AfDB, ADB, EBRD, IDB, and IFC) that serve as “implementing agencies”. For countries to receive CIF funding, they must meet ODA eligibility criteria, and have an active MDB country program. CIF resources are disbursed through the MDBs as technical assistance and advisory services for and as investments for the public and private sector.


Technical assistance and advisory services: non-reimbursable grants. Investments: senior concessional loans, subordinated loans/mezzanine instruments, equity, convertible grants and contingent recovery grants, investment grants, and guarantees.

Fund Details

Regional Focus:  Developing and middle-income countries
Size Range:  $10Ms - $100Ms (estimate)
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