Least Developed Country Funds (by GEF)

Least Developed Country Funds (by GEF)

Fund Overall Goal

The LDCF, operated by the GEF, was established to support a work programme to assist LDCs carry out the preparation and implementation of national adaptation programmes of action.

Sectoral Focus

Focused on adaptation activities. The fund backs the preparation and implementation of National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs) to identify priority adaptation actions. It is active in areas such as agriculture and food security; natural resource management; water resources; disaster risk management and prevention; coastal zone management; climate information services; infrastructure; climate change induced health risks; and nature-based adaptation solutions.

Access criteria

To submit project proposals, LDCs need to work with a GEF Partner Agency. Project criteria are informed by guidance from the UNFCCC COP and include country ownership; programme and policy conformity; financing; institutional coordination and support; and monitoring and evaluation
Eligibility is not restricted to ODA eligible countries. All LDCs that are part of the UNFCCC are eligible.


Grants (as incremental cost finance to address climate change adaptation relative to a development baseline)

Fund Details

Regional Focus:  Least Developed Countries
Size Range:  $1Ms - $10Ms
Tags:  Access Requirements