Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation

Fund Overall Goal

The Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation takes part in the fight against poverty and inequalities by promoting financial inclusion and social impact entrepreneurship. The Foundation comprises of an investor, funder, technical assistance coordinator and fund advisor, and hence finance and support microfinances institutions, enterprises and projects that promote inclusive finance and rural development around the world.

Sectoral Focus

Focus on microfinance institutions, developing rural economies, and promoting inclusive finance especially women.

Access criteria

Criteria for project submission include: Social mission criteria, geography, presence of a sustainable economic model (two years of existence, audited financial statements, portfolio of +650K EUR, effective governance), financial ratios (PAR30 + R: <5 percent; viability: OSS> 100 percent or ROA> 0 percent; debt: D/E <5 or CAR according to regulations).


Senior loans, guarantees, technical assistance, and investment fund advice.

Fund Details

Regional Focus:  Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Middle East, South and Southeast Asia, Central Asia and the Caucasus Region, Eastern and Central Europe
Size Range:  $100Ks - 1Ms
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