Global Environment Facility

Global Environment Facility

Fund Overall Goal

The GEF, made up of 184 member governments as well as civil society and the private sector, is the world’s largest funder of biodiversity protection, nature restoration, pollution reduction, and climate change response in developing countries.

Sectoral Focus

There are several “focus areas” that guide GEF programming directions and provide countries with the opportunity to participate in selected “Impact Programs”.
Focus Areas: Biodiversity, climate change mitigation, land degradation, international waters, and chemicals and waste.
Impact Programs: Food systems, land use and restoration; sustainable cities; and sustainable forest management.

Access criteria

Access through GEF Implementing Agencies.
To be eligible, all projects and programs must fulfil the following criteria:
– Countries must be eligible for GEF funding
– The project must be driven by the country, and be consistent with national priorities
– The project must be aligned to the previously mentioned focus areas, and impact programs
– The project must seek GED financing only for the agreed costs
– The project must involve the public in project design and implementation


Grants, concessional loans, equity, and guarantees.

Fund Details

Regional Focus:  Developing countries
Size Range:  $1Ms - $10Ms
Tags:  Access Requirements