Africa Climate Change Fund

Africa Climate Change Fund

Fund Overall Goal

The ACCF is a multi-donor trust fund established to support African countries build their resilience to the negative impacts of climate change and transition to sustainable low-carbon growth.

Sectoral Focus

The ACCF was established by the ADB for the purpose of building resilience and facilitating sustainable low-carbon growth in Africa. The ACCF’s focus areas are as follows: climate finance readiness for African RMCs; support RMCs for the development of NDCs; small-scale climate adaptation initiatives; gender transformative, climate-resilient and low-carbon projects and programs; support for ADBs climate change and green growth priorities; capacity building and institutional strengthening; and preparation of climate resilient and low-carbon strategies and policies.

Access criteria

The fund provides grants to African governments (at the national, sub-national, and regional levels), NGOs, and regional institutions. A proposal must be submitted to the ACCF Secretariat during a call for proposals. The proposals are reviewed by the Secretariat and technical experts for approval. Eligible entities must be based in Africa, and provide evidence of legal registration under the laws of the RMCs in which they operate, as a certificate to carry out development work in the RMCs in which they intend to carry out the proposed activity.



Fund Details

Regional Focus:  The African countries that are eligible are the regional member countries (RMCs) of the African development Bank.
Size Range:  $250Ks - $1Ms
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