European Bank of Reconstruction and Development Green Transition Bond

European Bank of Reconstruction and Development Green Transition Bond

Project Overall Goal

The overall goal of the issuance was to invest in environmental and sustainable solutions through a triple-A security that supports state and private sector environmental projects in the EBRD’s countries of operations

Executive Summary

The proceeds from the transaction were earmarked to support environmentally and socially sustainable projects, which comprise of investments in the following 3 areas: Energy Efficiency, Resource Efficiency (including circular economy adapted products); and Sustainable Infrastructure (including low carbon transport, and green logistics)
The green bond reached a broad audience of international investors. The bulk of demand came from the UK (55%), followed by EMEA (18%), Asia (15%) and the Americas (12%). The main investor category was banks (59%), with strong support also coming from asset managers (26%) and central banks and official institutions (15%).

Project Details

Sector:  Energy Efficiency, Resource Efficiency, and Sustainable Infrastructure
Tags:  Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, High Income Countries, Low Income Countries, Low Middle Income Countries, Upper Middle Income Countries, Mitigation, non-blended instruments
Source of Capital:  Private Institutional Investors and Asset, Managers Private Debt Providers, Public Balance Sheet
Project URL:  Download PDF

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