Project Overall Goal

Develop a Climate-Smart Agriculture Investment Plan (CSAIP)

Executive Summary
The 2019 Climate-Smart Agriculture Investment Plan (CSAIP) for Mali is the result of a consultation process led by Mali’s Ministry of Agriculture and supported by a grant from the World Bank. The goal of the CSAIP is to identify a pipeline of investments conforming to Mali’s NDC goals and to attract and channel financial resources towards those investments. It is based on scientific evidence and developed with technical assistance from a range of institutions.
The CSAIP identifies 12 key CSA investment areas with project concepts and supports the development of an M&E framework. The 12 key areas were identified as a result of stakeholder consultation and based on climate change scenarios and policy-related agricultural and economic analysis. The plan identifies four national-level investments, six commodity-specific investments, and two restoration projects for a value of 300-500 million that will support 1.8 million beneficiaries. The CSAIP leverages CSA investment to support national policies, including at least 13 policies or programmes that address climate change or adaptation.
The CSA is a multisectoral approach that focuses on improving agriculture, enhancing livelihoods, ensuring food security, building resilience and strengthening the economy in a sustainable way. Given agriculture employs over 80% of Mali’s workforce, this is an important contribution to the livelihoods of Mali’s population.


Project Details

Sector:  Agriculture
Tags:  Africa, Low Income Countries, Adaptation, blended
Tags:  adaptation, Africa, blended, low income
Source of Capital:  Bilateral, Multilateral & Development Finance Institution
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