Ms. Mafalda Duarte

May 25, 2014

“The evidence is clear: Developing countries are bearing the brunt of our climate crisis. 1 billion people, overwhelmingly in the Global South, will face coastal flood risk by 2050. An additional 140 million may be driven from home by climate disaster or food and water insecurity. Yet these countries remain locked out of pivotal financing at scale that could help them adapt to our changing world: African states, for example, receive less than 5.5% of global climate financial flows, and only less than 10% of all climate finance investments are targeted to adaptation solutions.
Just financing is not only a moral imperative. It is the only way we will reach our ambitious climate goals. At CIF, we have been on the front lines of driving catalytic climate finance in the developing world for almost 15 years. We have seen the challenges firsthand: Creating an enabling environment. Financing frontier, catalytic investments. Mobilizing the private sector. Yet we have also seen the power of collaboration: Bringing together key partners across government, development, financial institutions, business, and philanthropy in common cause around proven and innovative solutions.
This Guidebook is a powerful example of how we must come together around a programmatic, multi-sectoral approach — and secure a better collective future.”

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