Adaptation Fund

Adaptation Fund

Fund Overall Goal

The Adaptation Fund was established to finance concrete adaptation projects and programmes in developing country Parties to the Kyoto Protocol that are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.

Sectoral Focus

AF is focused on projects involving focus areas such as food security, agriculture, water management, and disaster risk reduction.

Access criteria

The Adaptation Fund allows international access through multilateral implementing entities (MIE) and pioneered fully operational direct access to climate financing through national implementing entities (NIE) and regional implementing entities (RIE). Once accredited, NIE and RIE are allowed direct access financing and manage all aspects of climate adaptation and resilience projects.



Fund Details

Regional Focus:  Developing countries that are Parties to the Kyoto Protocol. Recipient countries must be vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change.
Size Range:  $250Ks - $10Ms
Tags:  Access Requirements